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Ridgefield the Community

 About Ridgefield
​Ridgefield is a beautiful, colonial town of approximately 24,300 people.  The town was founded in 1708 when about 30 families from Long Island Sound settlements bought these uplands from the   Ramapoo Indians. The town is famed for its handsome Main Street and is lined with stately homes, museums, churches, and shops. Connecticut Magazine regularly ranks Ridgefield highest in quality of life, based on its schools, low crime rate, and scope of services. Its school system is considered one of the finest in the state.  Even  its dining is world-class; the town has been famous for its excellent restaurants, from world-class country inns to modern bistros

Conveniently Located


  is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. Situated in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains,  Just 50 Miles from New York City by MTA  

Consistently rated one of the Safest Small Towns  to Live in

Things to Do

Ridgefield Parks & Recreation operates and maintains over 600 acres of parks, trails, fields, and facilities in Ridgefield. The Ridgefield Library is a vital resource for the community. The Ridgefield Playhouse for NY rate entertainment all year round.  Desire a Campanion?  ROAR is the adooption place and then scoot on over to the Dog Park to start Mingling.  

For all the Town's Current Information and Weekend Activities pick up a copy of the Ridgefield Press or go on-line.